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Shahi Paneer recipe

Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer is a preparation of paneer, indigenous from the Indian.

Ingredients for Yellow Gravy:

(Serves 2)
 2 tbsp Oil
 1 Bay Leaf
 1-inch cinnamon stick
 1 Black Cardamom
 1 star Anise
 4 Cloves
 4 Black Pepper Corns
 2 Onions(chopped)
 1 tbsp Ginger, Garlic & Green Chilli Paste
 200 gms Tomato(chopped)
 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
 1/2 tsp Garam Masala
 1 tbsp Coriander Seed Powder

Ingredients for Shahi Paneer:

 2 tbsp Oil
 2 Green Cardamoms
 1 tsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder
 Yellow Gravy
 3 tbsp Cream
 100 gms Curd
 1 tsp Fenugreek Leaves(crushed)
 1 cup Paneer Cubes

Shahi Paneer recipe in details :

Hello everyone welcomes to FoodLifes. A lot of times we're very happy and comfortable with homestyle food but once in a while, we all like to break away from that and make something restaurant-style. well, today on that note let me show you Shahi paneer.
let's begin with heating the pan on high flame, to begin with, and add in some oil allow this to heat well while the oil is just kind of beginning to heat up. let's add in some whole spices beginning with bay leaf, a stick of cinnamon, black cardamom, star anise, some peppercorns, and cloves by basic very simple moving on to some roughly cut onions.
Well in the restaurants and hotels actually we make a lot of these gravies in bulk and cook them ready this one is actually a combination of the yellow gravy and the mockney gravy well literally if you're using that in combination but otherwise if you want to begin from scratch that's the recipe.
 The onions are kind of software and ready let's add in the paste of ginger garlic and green chilli along with this, I'm also going to add in tomatoes, saute this for a while and to this I'm going to add in all the powder spices beginning with turmeric followed by garam masala and finally coriander powder mix this well and to this let's add in water and allow this to simmer covered for at least twenty to thirty minutes.
It's been 20 minutes and by now the tomatoes and onions would have become nice and mushy with this off the flame and this is the perfect time to pull out all the whole spices, well at least try to pull out all the big spices because you do not kind of really need them. You can let the peppercorns and cloves be and right there
The next step is to cool this down completely and grind this into a fine and smooth paste that paste needs to be run through a strainer into a finer paste so let's get that ready with this a Shahi paneer gravy or rather the yellow gravy is done and ready
let's move on to heating a pan on high flame and to this, I'm adding in oil, well you can also add in butter at this stage, while the oil is just kind of beginning to heat up, I'm going to add in some green cardamom just kind of open the pod.
So with this, I'm also adding in the red chili powder and this one is the one that gives you a nice color and flavor well the Rogan or the oil that you see that precipitates on top of any gravy or any dish is created like this.

Increase the flame moderately and allow the chili just to kind of begin cooking you do not need to burn it or overcook it because that's going to completely spoil one the taste of the Rogan and to the taste of the Shahi paneer.
Once you start feeling that the oil is kind of just begun to release its aroma I'm going to add in the yellow gravy stir this well the aromas have already kind of begun exactly the way you would find in a restaurant kitchen. To this I'm adding in cream I'm keeping a little aside because of course we need to finish this also with cream and to this, I'm also adding in some yogurt or curds mix this well. You can, of course, adjust the consistency at this stage with some water or stock. 

Shahi Paneer recipe

Let’s of course, add in the salt mix this well and one last final flavoring here is actually one of the most critical ones in Indian food especially these gravies and that is Kasuri methi. I'm not crushing these, of course, these are toasted but I'm not crushing these because I want that bite while you eat this and finally, the ingredient that actually defines this entire gravy and that is paneer.
At this stage need to rest upon the ear in this and allow it to simmer for around 2 minutes on a moderate flame. With this finally when Shahi paneer is ready to go on the table has a generous spoonful of cream and with this, your Shahi paneer is done and ready and trust me this goes amazingly well with butter-nan and note, do not forget to follow and share the recipe.

Shahi Paneer recipe

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