Recipe of Stuffed Idli || How to make Idli recipe

Recipe of Stuffed Idli

Recipe of Stuffed Idli

Stuffed Idli is one of the famous South Indian food.

Ingredients for Idli:

Idli Batter
Water as required

Ingredients for Chutney:

1 cup sliced coconut
1/2 cup coriander leaves
2-3 green chilies
A small piece of ginger
2 cloves of garlic
3-4 curry leaves
Lime juice
1/2 Tsp sugar
Water as required
1 tbsp ghee

Recipe of Stuffed Idli In Datails :

Hey, guys welcome to FoodLifes. Today I'm referring to you the recipe that is stuffed idli. Idlis are a very popular breakfast preparation, well generally we serve chutney or sambar as an accompaniment but in this case, I'm stuffing the chutney inside idli

The batter which is fermented overnight here we have not added salt to this earlier because that would affect the fermentation let's add in salt well, I've learned this from a lot of South Indian cooks when I used to work in hotels earlier and salt is something that was never added at least to the recipe that I have learned and I've been taught I believe that it affects the fermentation process well if you think otherwise please go and add in salt.

I say always to each its own let's give this a mix you can add in very little water to just adjust the consistency I don't think it's required because for idli this is perfect just has to be of a dropping consistency like so not runny, not liquidy at all. The batter is fermented salted and kept aside.
let's now move on to making the chutney for this, of course, making a nice classic coconut chutney, I've taken some sliced coconut to this, I'll be adding in fresh coriander leaves wash them nicely you can just stare them to flip and that should be perfect to spice it up. I'm going to use green chillies and just break them roughly. let's move on to just a small knob of ginger one or two cloves of garlic to this, I'm adding in some curry leaves some lemon juice salt and finally, I'm just adding in a few grains of sugar and this is just to bring out the flavor and not to make the chutney sweet let's grind this, let's add in just a tablespoon of water.

let's check the chutney while this looks perfect let's transfer this in a bowl, now that the chutney is ready to let's move on to stuffing lately what we are going to require for this is definitely idli steaming mold just to bring out the extra flavor I'm going to brush the mold with a little bit of ghee, well this also helps in releasing the idli once it is nice and steamed, I'm being a little generous with the ghee because I want that nice flavor wood in the stock Ridley's similarly let's brush all the molds well like I said earlier it least are generally served with chutneys or somewhere but of course then it becomes a little difficult to carry for picnics and Tiffin's but a stuff idli is an answer to all of that while the molds are nicely greased with ghee and ready.

let's now spoon in a tablespoon of idli batter in each of the molds the next step is to stuff this with some chutney. I'm taking a small spoon and just dropping it right in the center of the idea do not play around too much with this because you may just end up marbling the batter and that's not that we're looking at well similarly, you can make a lot of chutneys you can make a tomato chutney you can make a red chutney well that is a complete personal choice finally I'm adding in half a tablespoon of idli batter again and that is just to cover the chutney.

 Recipe of Stuffed Idli

The next step is to tap all of this once again and similarly let's move on to stuffing the other idlis while building the idli plates in the mold. We need to ensure that the idli has the hole of the next plate right on top of it and then the idli again similarly we need to start building this up. So that the steam kind of passes equally through all the plates we need to lock this up and finally this is ready to be streamed now for steaming you may have an idli steamer at home, well if you do not you can also use a pressure cooker without the whistle we need to add in around 200 to 250 ml of water and allow this to come on a rolling boil the water in the pressure pan has come to a roll boil time to transfer the small stand into this. 

We need to cover this and steam this for the next eight minutes on high flame but remember to not use the vessel idli is steamed and ready of course the flame just allow it to settle for two minutes and then we shall open this, well the idlis have puffed up perfectly and well steamed let's remove this very carefully we need to carefully unlock this and keep each plate so, just allow this to settle for roughly around 2 minutes and then we shall unmold them let's unmold a list and for this, I'm using a paring knife or a small knife. well you can also use the back of your spoon if you're comfortable with just turn it around completely and this needs to be kept upside down with this as stuffed Italy's are ready. Please try this at home and let me know by write comments and follow the Foodlifes.

Recipe of Stuffed Idli

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