Fruit Raita Recipe


Fruit raita recipe is a very simple and delicious.
            This is a very quick recipe. Its specialty is that it does not have any kind of cooking process, so in a short time, you can incorporate nutrition into your food with the help of Fruit Raita recipe.

Fruit Raita Ingredients :

500 ml curd
2 chiku (chopped)
1 banana (sliced)
100 grams grapes (chopped)
100 grams papaya (chopped)
1 orange (chopped)
25 grams Cashew (chopped)
25 grams Almonds (chopped)
25 grams Raisins (chopped)
25 grams Pistachio (chopped)
3 tablespoons ground sugar
2 teaspoons honey

Fruit Raita Recipe Detail

Step 1:
We will start making Fruit Raita by processing curd. For this, first put curd in a bowl.

Step 2:
Then add sugar and honey to it and beat it well.

Step 3:
Mix all the chopped fruits in a bowl.

Step 4:
Separate 1 cup of the fruit from it and grind it in a grinder.

Step 5:
Add the crushed fruits to the curd and mix well.

Step 6:
Now add the remaining chopped fruits and dry fruits also.

Step 7:
Fruit Raita recipe is ready.

Step 8:
You can also serve it at room temperature if you want. Or keep it in the fridge for one and a half hours and then serve it cold.

Step 9:
The sweet and sweet taste of yogurt along with the nutritiousness of the fruit will win your family's heart.

Notes :
You can also take some other fruits of your choice in this Fruit Raita recipe.

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